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Small Children, How to Manage in Your Wedding Ceremony

Planning a wedding is a joyous occasion, but when you have small children involved, it can also add a touch of unpredictability and potential challenges. However, if you prepare and have a few helpful strategies, you can ensure to manage small children in your wedding ceremony so they have a fantastic time while keeping everything running smoothly.

Here are some valuable tips for managing small children during your wedding day.

  1. Include them in the planning process:

Involving children in the preparations can make them feel excited and important. Discuss the wedding details with them, such as choosing their outfits or deciding on flower arrangements. By including them, you’ll foster a sense of participation and reduce their anxiety about the event.

  1. Schedule breaks and downtime:

Young children can easily become overwhelmed by long ceremonies and receptions. Plan breaks in the schedule and designate a quiet space for them to relax and recharge. This can be especially helpful during the reception when children may need a break from the noise and excitement. Also, don’t have them get dressed until the last minute, that way they aren’t running around in their wedding clothes and can take their regularly scheduled nap time.

  1. Assign responsible adults:

Designate a few responsible adults, such as family members or close friends, to be in charge of supervising the children during the ceremony and reception. These individuals can help keep them entertained, ensure their safety, and address any immediate needs that arise.

Kid Friendly Options

  1. Create a designated kids’ area:

Set up a designated area specifically for children during the reception. This area can include age-appropriate toys, games, coloring materials, and activities to keep them engaged and entertained. Hiring a babysitter can also be a great option to engage the children while the adults enjoy the celebration.

  1. Provide kid-friendly food options:

Because children can be picky eaters, it’s a good idea to offer kid-friendly food options during the reception. Consider having a separate menu tailored to their tastes, including simple finger foods, fruit, and other snacks. This will help ensure they are well-fed and content throughout the event.

  1. Include them in ceremonial roles:

If appropriate, involve the children in the ceremony itself. They could serve as flower girls, ring bearers, or even give a short reading during the ceremony. This not only makes them feel special but also keeps them occupied and engaged during the proceedings.

  1. Have a backup plan:

Prepare for unforeseen circumstances by having a backup plan in case things don’t go as expected. This could include having spare outfits, extra snacks, and activities on hand, or even arranging for childcare services if necessary.

  1. Communicate with parents:

Before the wedding day, communicate with the parents of the children involved to discuss any specific needs or concerns. This will help you better understand their expectations and ensure that everyone is on the same page.


Managing small children during a wedding ceremony requires thoughtful planning and consideration. By involving them in the process, providing designated spaces and activities, and ensuring their comfort and well-being (scheduled nap times), you can create a memorable and enjoyable experience not just for the couple but for the children as well. Remember, a little preparation goes a long way in ensuring that everyone, young and old, has a fantastic time on your wedding day.

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