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Marriage Officiant Indiana

Saundra Hadley

As a Marriage Officiant in Indiana, my focus is to always have a personal connection with my clients while officiating their wedding. Your wedding ceremony should be well thought out and personal while allowing you to also be in the moment. If you giggle because you’re nervous, so what? Be yourself!

Why I Got Ordained

I’ve been ordained since 2011, it’s legit. I have an associate’s degree in Theology, which most people don’t know about me. 

Funny story why I decided to get ordained. I had planned a beautiful (and expensive) wedding. The Rabbi was flying into Evansville and the plane was delayed in St. Louis! Oh my. We hired an auto service to drive her to the wedding and after switching around Cocktail Hour and Ceremony Start time, guests never knew the difference, the couple was married and all was well.

When I came home that evening I realized with non-church weddings, if something happened where the minister or officiant didn’t show up, then we just threw a really expensive “party” not a wedding. I decided right then to get ordained, just in case. Thankfully, for my wedding couples, I’ve never had to implement my officiating in replacement of their first choice.

In 2020, well you know how that year rolled, I had a lot of time on my hands, as many other event professionals were in lock-down for events, I found that many couples were still wanting to get married that year (for their own personal reasons). Enter celebrating officiant business! 

Personal Info

I balance my time with my husband of 30 years, our adult son, and our adorable chocolate Australian Labradoodle dog (Captain Doodlehead), who is a certified Therapy Dog. We live at a Marina and we are enjoying our tiny home living and our community.

Extremely lucky and blessed to have been delivering wedding planning tips on live TV, WEHT ABC Local Lifestyles since 2006. I like to highlight local vendors and all things that are wedding goodness. 

Public speaking comes naturally to me as I have spoken at industry conferences, workshops throughout the US and Australia, teaching other event professionals tips on selling/marketing. I’ve been on numerous podcasts as guests and featured in magazines. 


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"It's important to really listen to your clients and never take yourself so seriously."

Saundra Hadley

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